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Professor Wendy Hoy


Professor Wendy Hoy

Prof Wendy Hoy has led numerous studies to better understand why certain populations are at an increased risk of developing kidney disease, such as the Tiwi of Australia, populations in South Africa, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and other countries.

Professor of Medicine and Director of the Centre for Chronic Disease at the University of Queensland, she is world renown for her work on the risk for kidney disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease in disadvantaged or high risk populations.

A major focus of her research is the role of the intrauterine environment and early life events, including infections, to disease susceptibility. She has stimulated studies of primary and secondary prevention, genetics, outcomes research and cost-effectiveness evaluations.

Prof Hoy was appointed as an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2010, for her contributions to knowledge of chronic disease on high risk populations, and to health services reform, including in Australia’s Indigenous population.