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Prof Matt Cooper


Prof Matt Cooper

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I have been active in biomarker discovery, assay design and diagnotics, have founded 2 companies, am an inventor on 8 patent families with 18 national filings, and have helped to produce many products now being used in the diagnosis of disease and in life sciences research & drug discovery.  Of relevance to this application, I was involved in the verification and validation of 3 biomarker diagnostic products: Triage® NGAL and Determine® TB-LAM Ag, and PanBio® Dengue Early; all now sold and marketed globally by Alere Inc.  I worked at Sense Proteomics (now part of ProCognia) on protein microarrays used for biomarker discovery and have marketed products in this area now sold by Sigma.  We have an active program on discovery and validation on biomarkers that predict drug-induced acute kidney injury (AKI), that in turn leads to CKD.  We have accrued commercial and novel kidney cell lines (parental and immortalised), qPCR, western-blotting, live cell imaging and are producing a NGAL/KIM-1/Tg (wt1b:GFP) transgenic Zebra fish to study kidney injury in a chordate animal model.

I have >50 invitations to speak at international meetings on diagnostics & biophysical analysis, chair or discussion leader in key biomarker discovery and biosensor meetings. Editor of the J. Nanobiotech, served on NIH, Science Foundation Ireland review panels & the NHMRC Academy in Australia. Fellow-Royal Society of Medicine, Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Institute of Electronic & Electrical Engineers, American Association for the Advancement of Science, & the Society for Biomolecular Science. I was on the Scientific Advisory Board at AdProTech Ltd, an Executive Director at Akubio & Cambridge Medical Innovations, selected for UK Dept. Trade & Industry Technology & Trade Missions on Biotechnology & Biosecurity, Queensland Government Science & Technology Mission to the USA and Canada, Australian & UK Government on Innovation & Technology Transfer.