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Posters and Abstracts



American Society of Nephrology [ASN]; November 2016

“Heterogeneity of chronic kidney disease with age in a major metropolitan public renal practice in Queensland, Australia.”   ASN2016_Usman_Heterogeneity_FINAL.4

“The characteristics of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease in 3 major public renal services of Queensland, Australia: data from the CKD.QLD Registry.”  ASN2016_Wendy_CKD QLD_FINAL.1

“Development of Renal Disease in Aboriginal People in a Remote Australian Community: a Probable Model of Oligonephronia.”  ASN2016_Wendy_Progression-FINAL

“The Rise of Kidney and Related Chronic Diseases in Remote-Living Australian Aboriginal People in the Context of Epidemiologic and Health Transition.”  ASN2016_Wendy_TransMortality_FINAL

Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology [ANZSN]; September 2016

“Effects of bariatric procedures on renal and non-renal parameters in obese CKD patients.”  ANZSN 2016_Ismail_Bariatric_Final.1

“The NHMRC Chronic Kidney Disease Centre of Research Excellence [CKD.CRE] 2015-2019: the first year.”  ANZSN2016_CKD.CRE_Final.5_DOI 10.13140RG.2.2.15781.09447

“Quality biobanking of chronic kidney disease specimens.”  ANZSN2016_Gobe_CKD.CRE Biobank_FINAL

“If the mountain doesn’t come to you….you go to the mountain; Improving CKD outcomes in an aboriginal population.”  ANZSN2016_Krishna_Telehealth_Final.1

“Comparison of different definitions of chronic kidney desease [CKD] progression in patients in a metropolitan public renal practice in Queensland, Australia.” ANZSN2016_Rajitha_Definitions_FINAL.4

“Factors associated with chronic kidney disease [CKD] progression, by different definitions, in patients in a Queensland metropolitan public renal practice.”   ANZSN2016_Rajitha_Factors_FINAL.2

“Comparing those with chronic kidney disease [CKD] planned for renal supportive care [RSC] and those for renal replacement therapy [RRT].  ANZSN2016_Rawlings_RRTvsRSC_FINAL

“Timing of Renal Supportive Care [RSC] decision making in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease [CKD]: effect on hospitalisations and place of death.”  ANZSN2016_Rawlings_RSC Decision_FINAL.1

“Risk factors for starting renal replacement therapy [RRT] and for mortality in CKD.QLD patients.”  ANZSN2016_Wang1_Risk Factors_FINAL

“The prevalence and characteristics of Acute Interstitial Nephritis [AIN] and Pyelonephritis in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease [CKD].”  ANZSN2016_Wilson_AIN_FINAL.1

“The association between Cancer and Acute Tubular Necrosis [ATN] in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.”  ANZSN2016_Wilson_ATN_FINAL.1

“Characteristics of CKD.QLD patients by Index of Relative Socio-Economic Disadvantage [IRSD].”  ANZSN2016_Zaimin_IRSD_FINAL

“An overview of patients with chronic kidney disease, and their outcomes, in the Australian CKD.QLD Registry [2011-2016].”  ANZSN2016_Zhang_Overview poster_FINAL

“Queensland Glomerulonephritis Registry.” ANZSN2106_Dev_GN_Registry_FINAL


European Renal Association/European Dialysis and Transplant Association [ERA/EDTA]; September 2016

“Patient Satisfaction with Nurse-Led Chronic Kidney Disease Clinics: A Multi-site Quality Improvement Study.”  Patient Satisfaction EDTNA Poster final


Renal Society of Australasia [RSA]; June 2016

“An innovative model of improving access to renal specialist care: one rural centre’s experience with a Nurse Practitioner [NP]-led chronic kidney disease [CKD] telehealth service.”  RSA2016_Andrea_FINAL_DOI 10.13140RG.2.2.15695.07841

“Chronic Kidney Disease Self-Management: A Validation Study in Vietnamese Language.”  RSA2016_FINAL Nguyet Nguyen CKD-SM 16062016

“Kidney Knowledge Survey: A Validation Study in Vietnamese Language.”  RSA2016_FINAL Nguyet Nguyen KiKS 16062016

“A feasibility study to track the last 12 months of life in chronic kidney disease patients: Baseline characteristics.”  CKD Pt Tracking Study_Poster PPT Final 15-6-16