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“Risk factors for starting renal replacement therapy [RRT] and for mortality in CKD.QLD patients.

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“Timing of renal supportive care decision making in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease: effect on hospitalisations and place of death.”

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“Comparing those patients with chronic kidney disease planned for renal supportive care and those planned for renal replacement therapy.”

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“Factors associated with chronic kidney disease progression, by different definitions, in patients in a Queensland metropolitan public renal practice.”

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“Comparison of different definitions of chronic kidney disease progression in patients in a metropolitan public renal practice in Queensland, Australia.”

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Telehealth in CKD management: “If the mountain doesn’t come to you, you go to the mountain. Improving CKD outcomes in an aboriginal population”.

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“Quality biobanking of chronic kidney disease specimens

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“Effect of bariatric procedures on renal and non-renal parameters in obese CKD patients.”

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Characteristics of older patients with chronic kidney disease in a metropolitan public renal practice in Queensland, Australia.

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ISN World Congress of Nephrology: Cape Town, March 2015. WCN2015_CKD.QLD  

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EDITORIAL – NOS3 as a potential modifier of ADPKD phenotypic variability: Progress towards an answer. Nephrology 19 (2014).

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NO23 as a potential modifier of ADPKD_Nephrology19(2014)

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