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“The NHMRC Chronic Kidney Disease Centre of Research Excellence [CKD.CRE], 2015-2019: the first year.

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“The rise of kidney and related chronic diseases in remote-living Australian Aboriginal people in the context of epidemiologic and health transition.”

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“Heterogeneity of chronic kidney disease with age in a major metropolitan public renal practice in Queensland, Australia.”

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“Development of renal disease in Aboriginal people in a remote Australian community: a probable model of oligonephronia.”

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“The characteristics of patients with chronic kidney disease in 3 major pubic renal services of Queensland, Australia: data from the CKD.QLD Registry.”

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“The Queensland glomerulonephritis registry.” 2016 synopsis.

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“An overview of patients with chronic kidney disease, and their outcomes, in the Australian CKD.QLD registry [2011-2016].”

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“Characteristics of CKD.QLD patients by Index of Relative Socio-Economic Disadvantage [IRSD].”

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“The association between cancer and acute tubular necrosis [ATN] in patients with chronic kidney disease.”

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“The prevalence and characteristics of Acute Interstitial Nephritis [AIN] and Pyelonephritis in patients with chronic kidney disease.”

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