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About Us


CKD.QLD is an initiative of the University of Queensland’s Centre for Chronic Disease, in partnership with Queensland Health. It is jointly funded by the Centre for Chronic Disease and the RBWH, and has obtained commercial support from Amgen.

CKD.QLD is a collaborative, multidisciplinary practice program, established in July 2009. CKD.QLD encompasses a CKD Registry, database and practice Network, with the purpose of improving outcomes & building capacity in CKD  research.

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The current objectives of CKD.QLD are:

CKD.QLD operates under the guidance of an Advisory & Management Committee which is co-chaired by Professor Wendy Hoy (Centre for Chronic Disease) and Professor Robert Fassett (RBWH). There is no fixed membership of the Advisory Committee, with all interested parties invited to participate, sponsoring a multidisciplinary & collegiate framework. The  Committee meets fortnightly, on the first and third Monday of each month.


The purpose of the CKD.QLD Advisory Committee is to support and guide CKD.QLD to achieve it ‘s objectives.

Governance Structure